Mama Prayers…

Do you ask yourself why you safe everyday while you dont even utter a word of prayer thanking God for the day??

I overheard in the matatu how some women were talking about there sons have changed to immoral behaviour .It so sad when you raise a kid in a good manner then they do end up being “bad bwoys/gals in the society” Kids pretending to be innocent inside the house but forgeting the outside world is watching them.

What came in my mind was that we as young ones ,we think all we do we completely right na hakuna kitu unaeza tuambia..which is totally so wrong.

Recently i walked into mama’s bedroom and guess wat??…my mama was kneeling praying.I even heard her mentioning us (the 3 children ..mentioning names and speaking blessings ,protection and good well being)

Truly mama’s prayer keep us protected always even if sometimes we dont think so.

Always remember someone somewhere is praying for you…Especially mama!!!